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Surviving Deadly falls.
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Just like DayZ Mod, you can survive extreme jumps with little to no damage long as you hit objects before the ground, such as a tree and car. It is shown in this Youtube video. If links are not allowed, I apologize in advance.

I did confirm this, but forgot to record.


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Same thing happened to me this morning, yet I have no tangible proof to provide unfortunately. I climbed to the top of a tower crane East of Cherno, near an under construction building. I was crouched against the rail in first person view, and then went to stand. This clipped me through the railing and I fell. I landed on the crane bottom, just above the ground. I was not dead, and was standing, and seemingly took no damage. The whole reason I climbed up there was to escape 2 zombies, so I tried to get down off the crane and get back to the ladder so they wouldn't attack me. Going to the ground then totally crippled my legs, made me take massive damage like I fell from a great height. I feel like it couldn't have been more than a few feet drop, but it all happened so fast I do not specifically recall.

it didn't happen to me but see here: [^]

or here: [^]

also i want to highlight this quote:
"As long as you land somewhere other than the ground you can take no damage. I do it all the time, intentionally. Makes a great escape and a wtf face on the other guy"

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Same thing happened to me when I was falling on a zombie.

See issue here: