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Leaping off edge of build whilst trying to climb down ladder
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Every now and then you will end up killing yourself from trying to climb down a ladder. the animation will move you character off the edge of the building then will trying to get in ladder climbing position


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I have found one in every 10 climbs it does it

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Can confirm..

Happened to me. What sucks is after it said I was dead I saw myself trying to climb down the ladder again followed by another "You are dead" screen.

seems to happen only when you have a rifle "up"

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Same here, happened on the hospital ladder on the hospital across from the school in the area with the many high rise apartment buildings above cherno

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Shit my pants when meet this bug at the first time)
Confirm rifle's UP.

I enjoyed skydiving off the hospital ladder from the roof in Berezino when approached from a diaginal. It looked like I took a running jump off the roof when told to climb down ladder with rifle in hands but not in ready position.

This happened to me last night, It only happens when you have already climbed the ladder and want to go down. When you select "Go Down Ladder" the character runs off of the edge and lands on the ground, sometimes you die and sometimes you appear back on the ladder and can climb down.

Just happened to me, character shouldn't step forward to go down ladder. Should probably just teleport onto the ladder if you're close enough to scroll wheel the climb down option.

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Happened here too - had a rifle in ready state while trying to climb. Survivor just fell forward through the ladder.

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I died from that, too.

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Happened to me on the roof of the "school" in Berenzino, i tried to reproduce:

If you are standing a few steps away from the ladder (where you can barely get the "climb down ladder" symbol) it worked fine

When i stand next to the ladder and click "climb down" i had one time where the animation had me running forward and fall then teleported me back to the top of the ladder and i was safe. Second time it did the same thing without teleporting me back and i died instantly with full health

Confirmed, full gear and everything of course, lost, from this stupid bug.

Happened to me as well on lookout tower at NWAF. Had weapon shouldered and went to climb down ladder. Soon as I pressed down to climb down my character did a "climb over" animation and fell to my death. I know I didn't press that key since my vault and down keys aren't even on the same side of my keyboard.

+1 i thought i was dead when this happend, but i teleported back to ladder

In version 0.35.115188, when having my weapon out and hitting the action to climb ladder, my character ran and leaped off the building. I've only seen this happen when holding something in your hand whilst trying to climb a ladder.

Didn't have anything in my hands when it happened to me, didn't really leap so much as slid off like pad of butter sliding in a hot pan....

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Closing as duplicate of the primary ladder thread at #155