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Canteen is showing capacity of 10ml (equals to 0,1dl and 0,01l)
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The canteen (that holds water) that can be found here and there seems to be a common one (1) litre canteen, but the game is showing it has a capacity of 10ml. That equals to 0,1dl and 0,01l in real world terms. If the in-game canteen is 1 litre canteen it should show "1000ml remaining" when filled up (should the capacity be represented in millilitres rather than decilitres or litres).

Is only this info that is provided with the canteen wrong or might also the stats in the game engine be wrong? So actually when the players are thinking that they're drinking a full litre of water with five swigs might they actually be drinking just the 10ml instead of a litre? Because..
I actually just had to drink two and a half canteens of water to get "the full" feeling. If the stats are "10ml", then it's actually only 25ml or 0,025 litres of water I just drank. So not much.

But which way the game now has it? {F28460}


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Water bottle runs 6ml. Its consistent at least, strange amount though.

Yeah the text needs fixing.

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Yup labels for regular plastic water bottles are off. Looks like its missing either some zeros or the unit was mixed up.