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Rotten appel (fruit) pristine condition
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There is fruit that can be rotten but be in pristine condition and I think there is also fresh fruit in damaged condition I even did see an apple with 0% food left.

In the case of fruit I think it should be that fresh fruit is always pristine or worn and rotten fruit is always damaged of very damaged.

And an apple with 0% food left (or ruined) should not exist I think.

I tested eating a pristine rotten orange and got sick of it so if thats the case I really don't think there is a reason for rotten pristine food. {F28450} {F28451}


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Haha, although there isn't an existing report I'm going to close this since the devs are aware of this.

It was a little ongoing joke during the closed testing, mainly the Rotten Kiwi!

Thanks for the report though, well laid out compared to most reports so far!