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Remove items from textures
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There are places where there are items you will normally be able to loot, like bottles and shovels, in the textures (and just as objects part of the landscape, not sure how to name them). Please change the textures / objects so thats not the case anymore. When you see a bottle or a shovel you should be able to take it. It should not be a texture.

Same for tires (and so on) whenever they would be added as items into the games. Remove the visual tires and put real (very damaged or ruined) tires in it's place. {F28445} {F28446}


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I can't remember where I did see the shuffel but I did see something that looked like a can in the flat-building in the window (that looks to be more then just a texture) and many textures near dump containers will have bottles and other stuff you can normally loot.

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There are several houses that contain proxy models of shoes which are misleading and do cause confusion. Buckets are another pain and common proxy in the building models that need removed.