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Alcohol Tincture if used to clean when healthy gives you the sick status
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If you are not sick and you use the Alcohol you get the sick status. I have done this 2 times so far and both times it worked.


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Use the Alcohol to clean while healthy

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For some more data, when you select 'clean wounds', you perform the animation then get the "My wounds look cleaner now" message. At this point you become sick. This message repeats every 5 minutes until it has done so approximately 5 times(I lost count) when you get a green "My wounds are clean now" and the sick status is removed.

Wow! Maybe it's because of peptic ulcer. Chernarus drinks are too strong for you char. ;)

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For more data this bug still exists in game version 0.30, also tweeted rocket about this he told it is probably a bug that actually makes you "drink" the alcohol if you are not bleeding.

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I don't think this behavior is caused by drink being accidently executed.

If I had to guess its reverse sick effect. Basically, calling the same function to apply sickness except sending a negative value. So instead of being a DoT its a HoT. A negative decrement is functionally an increment.

There's so many variables effecting status; it's difficult to give feedback on this system without white box debug capability. I do like the design choice of vague notification - it increases immersion (Am I sick because a zombie hit me or was it that rotten kiwi?) Also, delayed notification of status adds to that uncertainty. You first feel sick, then you have to wait for more symptoms to know what you're treating. There is no panacea. I dig it.

I was healthy and applied Alcohol Tincture to my friend. I am getting the "My wounds look cleaner" messages and am now sick. My friend also received a message saying "bassdoken successfully disinfected my clothes"

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Closing as duplicate of more popular issue