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Sliding across floor after vaulting
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You are able to slide across the floor while frozen in an animation. Doing a vault and holding C always you to slide across the floor for several seconds frozen in an animation.


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1: Join server with matching version
2: Vault from the running animation
3: Hold C before the vault is completed
4: Move around with the WASD keys in a frozen animation

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I vaulted over a tree near Balota and slid for a while until I hit a moment key.

It seems that if you vault ajd don't press anything you will just slide.

Secondary info, I had my pistol out as well

This is still happening. The way I get the sliding to happen is by vaulting (jumping), releasing the V button in the air, and then rotating 90 degrees (roughly) before I hit the ground. Will post a video shortly demonstrating this.


There's the video. There I got it three times in a row but sometimes doing it only resulted in walking really slowly instead of sliding. Either way you didn't have to press any of the movement keys and I think your character would just continue forward indefinitely. You can stop it by pressing one of the movement keys.