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What does means and how can I solve my character problems?
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You can give some description in game how to solve problem of my character like "I'm feeling dizzy", "I feel like have a nap". What does it means and how can i solve it. Its not a bug, but it should be in game i think.


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+1 on that.

I also been eating rotten fruits and now "i feel like vomiting" or something like that.. what do i do now?

This isn't a bug. Post on the forums about this no?

Realistically it should pass with time, however if your survivor has contracted a disease of some kind or has food poisoning or something, you might need to find anti virals.

I think it should be somewhere in game to know about it. Any player should know how to solve those problems. There is no official info how to do this.

Agreed, there should be a menu for basic tips. Or even better, maybe there should be some readable books in game that will show you how to do things. Like medical books found in hospitals that show you how to go through the process of a blood transfusion, mechanics books for vehicles (when they are released) and etc.

Note: This is being addressed in a upcoming patch. You'll have icons on your inventory screen showing the state of your character.