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Unable to reach item on high shelf due to having weapon drawn
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If you have an item drawn you will be unable to reach an item on a high shelf. When you walk forward slowly and stop you can see your character being pushed back to prevent you from clipping into the building. Due to this you are unable to reach an item on a shelf. In order to reach the item you need to lower your item and get close enough to bring your cursor over the item. It will not display with tab in any situation.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Walk into a barracks
2: See an item on a high shelf
3: Draw an item
4: Try to walk close enough to the item to select it with tab
5: Lower weapon and manually bring your cursor over the item
6: Use the middle mouse click to take it (tab will not see the item)

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #000043: Inaccessible loot

Please vote up the original issue to increase visibility, add any extra information in the notes section, and monitor it for further developments.