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No option to open/close door however able to no-clip
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Starting at a random time after logging into a server I went to a barracks and had no option to open the door. As usual I didn't notice what was happening and just spammed the middle click button. I then no-clipped through the door and was unable to leave. I then logged and changed servers. I am able to replicate this every time.

I met a survivor and he tried to open a door for me. I did not see the door open. He was able to walk through the door which was closed on my screen but open on his. I then tried to walk through the door which he opened. I was able to walk through on his screen but not mine.


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1: Run into a door that has no option to open or close,
2: Vault and continue to run into the door.
3: No clip through the door after a few seconds.

Additional Information

I am still able to interact fully with everything else in the game. I have played 6 hours of the alpha so far and not encountered this issue.

I verified my steam cache and this does not fix anything. I also uninstalled and reinstalled my game and it still will not give me an option to open/close doors. No-clip continues to work. I wonder where I go from here.

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To add to this, I was able to interact with objects. I was able to combine items in my inventory, pick things up off the ground, and eat.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled my game and it still will not give me an option to open/close doors. No-clip continues to work. I wonder where I go from here.

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I am also experiencing this exact same thing.

I am also having this problem, except I am stuck inside of a building and I can't get out at all.

That is what has happened to me as well, stuck in a building and died before I realized there is another way to get out. You can get out by doing the noclip I described.

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Additional info: Two of my clan have this issue with version 28.113772.

MY client is version 28.113734 and I do not have this issue and am able to use doors normally.

How did you get a different client version? What confuses me is why the alpha servers are allowing different versions to be on the same server together. Seems to defeat the whole purpose of testing if multiple clients are allowed to be on the same server bugging each other out.

If you have the new steam update, filter for 113772 but realize there are only the six dedicated experimental servers up now. If you stay connected to the server your steam will not update and you will be able to keep playing on that server. If you disconnect and your steam updates, when you play on any older server your game will not function as well.

This is from Rocket on the forums. This is the issue. I recall this occuring to me non-stop with Arma 3. I really hope this doesn't happen. I literally couldn't play it.

Duplicate bug: 000962