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Melee attacks aren't lined up with aiming cursor
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I noticed that melee attacks with a splitting axe don't line up with where a player is aiming. In my tests, I attack a wall with a splitting axe from a crouched and a standing position. The attack registers on the wall but the damage decals are up and to the left or right from where the cursor is.

I am uncertain if other melee weapons are affected by the same issue, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are. {F28350} {F28351} {F28352} {F28353}


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Get yourself a splitting axe
Find a wall that called your girlfriend a slut
Kill that wall!
Oh wait, all your attacks hit somewhere you didn't intend.
Now your dead and your girlfriend is cheating on you

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Melee attacks are not supposed to be lined up, one of Rockets streams explains this. Example when you swing an axe at the tree the axe hits where is connects with the tree not at the cursor. not a bug

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Not a bug, its realistic.

this absolutely is NOT realistic..

when you swing an axe, you're aiming for something. preferably something you're looking right at. hitting something that's in your arc is a reasonable occurrence, but you're more than likely going to adjust your swing to meet your target. the system now does not adjust your swing (it can't) but it should at least ignore the objects in the way and allow for the swing to follow completely through and meet the target in your cursor.

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That's an intentional feature, called "raytracing".

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The issue is that the Arc created by the melee weapon does not pass through the target reticle. This is why we miss more than anything because the perceived strike path is not maintained.

Imagine a batter swinging but he always swung a bat a foot lower than where his eyes (reticle) are looking. He would always miss the ball unless the ball ran into his bat on accident.

It's a very simple fix, but one I wouldn't worry about to much because I was told on the forums that a big melee change is coming so much of what we are discussing will change soon.

melee needs to be an arc of damage not pin point collisions

melee attacks are bugged. it didnt matter where i was aiming with the pipe wrench. i could line it up with the cursor or the "realistic" way and i couldn't hit the zombie hitting me. i could see the wrench clearly making contact with the head of the zombie but that apparently doesn't matter.

edit: version: 0.30.114008

That is so not what raytracing is.

People say it is realistic. Well in real life you have better control of your body. It should hit at cursor so it get as much "easy" to control as in real life.