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Very Sparce Loot Drops
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This could entirely be me being extremely unlucky and going only to places already completely cleaned out. But so far, after very many hours of playing, I have yet to find anything other then clothes and rotten oranges. I am not even exagerating, I went to the firehouse, church, grocerystore and all the factories in electro and found 0 items in any of those buildings. I would be fine with less loot then the mod, but that was ridiculous. the top 4 loot locations had 0 items in any of them. Like I said, it is entirely possible that i'm just really unlucky. But from my experience, I feel it needs a lot more loot.


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loot doesnt respawn at the moment, if you are looting a coastal town like elektro you wont find much unless the server has just restarted because people have already found the good stuff.

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Other comment has already explained the situation.