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Zombies either stand still unless aggroed or are generally sparse they also never deaggro despite line of sight breaks
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Zombies are almost nowhere to be found in this zombie apocalypse they will either stand still and do nothing or when they do aggro they are impossible to shake no matter how far i run, no matter if i break lign of sight or lower my profile they run forever to get you making the few I do find very annoying when compared to previous incarnations.


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go anywhere and see very few zombies or agro one you do find and have it chase you to the moon and back....

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Zombies are the Terminator confirmed.

Seriously though. It takes 4-5 minutes of running to get rid of a zombie. They also agro from insane distances (100-150 meters). Trying to kill it with my axe is too risky because the melee weapons suck for zombies.

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Just kill them ... axe to the head is an instant kill.