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Some spawned gear is unreachable
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Sometimes you cant get close enough to the gear and you cant take it. I had this many times especially in the fire station on the first floor because theres a box in front of you and if the item is spawned on the top you cant get it. {F28295} {F28296}


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Random spawned gear.

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I find this issue most often with smaller items (like gloves) spawning on top of the wardrobes in residential areas. You can see the items in third person mode, but not first person, thus you cannot loot it because you don't have LOS.

Also floating items are impossible to take, at least for me.

Confirm that on military barracks. Items under beds unreachable sometimes.

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On the Cupboard, clothes show in Inventar,but cannot take it

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I run into this ALL THE TIME. mostly with items on top of tall dressers/wardrobes. You can see but cannot loot. Tab to vicinity does not work either. Also, especially in the mess hall buildings (or whatever they are) There is one loot spawn with medkits that is inside of the wall that is unreachable

That image with the M4 was in a barrack. I attempted every way I could think of to reach it but no dice. The proximity of the door and walls to the bed prevent prone turning.

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Thanks for the feedback, however this has already been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #000043: Inaccessible loot

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