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quick slots can store inventory item without actually taking objects
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When finding loot, you can drag and drop found items onto a quick slot box 1-9 and the item will appears as a white shadow of the item dropped in.

There is no functionnality with this item, slot act as empty, the item will not be stored in the inventory, it will only 'seems' as you take some item.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Find loot
2 - Press TAB
3 - Click and hold mouse on whatever item in vinicity
4 - Drag and release it on an empty quick slot (actually you can drop it on empty or used quicks, doesn't matter)
6 - Notice that the item isn't functionnal nor in your inventory (you didn't pick the item)
7 - Also, Notice that there is no step 5

       (sorry its an old game tester joke) - keep on the good work !!!
Additional Information

to have quick slots items you must first drag them onto the equipment side (right) and them drag again them into a quick slot

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the bug is still open in build .30.113860

you can't 'store' item until you drag them into an inventory slots (clothes, bags, etc...) if you drag it directly in a quick slot the item disapears on the ground and cannot be used in your inventory

I do think this is the way it's supposed to work since 1-9+0 are hotkeys, they are not any form of inventory slots used to store items. Only hotkeys to pull out a certain item from your inventory to your hands.

this is a UI bug only ...
the inventory get no trace of the item that you just drag and drop, it's only confusing when you see it 'stores' item in quick slot but in fact there are no where in your inventory.

In my humble opinion the item should be possible to drag there if it's from your inventory (not vinicity) or allow it to be moved in quick slot if there is room in your inventory slots (same behavior with the interact wheel and Take [whatever object on the ground]) place it in your inventory AND in a quick slot.

I don't think this is a bug, I make use of this regularly. E.g. if you have a yellow container box and you keep a first aid kit inside and your inventory is full, the only way to add something from the first aid kit to your hotbar is to hold the yellow box in hands,drop first aid kit into vicinity to see the contents and then drag a bandage/whatever onto your hotbar and then put the first aid kit back in the yellow container in your hands.

It also makes it quicker if you want something you just found on your hotbar to put it there first before you pick it up, because sometimes it disappears to the bottom of your backpack after you pick it up and you have to search around your inventory to find it.

Trotsky, can't you 'View Contents' on your stowed first aid kit while it's in your container?

On topic: I've seen new players get very confused about this, they'll drag the item from the ground into their hotbar and run off without it. I think that it could use some kind of graphic indicator other than a white fill to let you know that the item isn't in your inventory.