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Can't jump in certain situations
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Decided to change this after some testing:

There seems to be a 50% chance for the jumping to work, the other times he stops running and just vaults. Really annoying.


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No, nifrek. It is random. Sometimes it works with fists up, sometimes with fists down. It seems to depend on the stance sometimes, aka switching your stance will make it work or break jumping, but which stance works and which doesn't is random every time I play. Sometimes both don't work, sometimes pulling out a weapon makes it work, it's really weird.

It just seems like bad detection.
character should "bunny hop" when running or sprinting,
and the character should "vault" when walking or standing still.

a temp fix is to change stance IE fists up\down depending on the stance that was causing the vault.
same goes for item\weapon stances.

It only happens with fists up + sprinting and is it not random. Hopefully this might help figuring out the cause, here is how to replicate:

  1. Put your fists up and start sprinting
  2. Press "vault" and don't stop sprinting during/after the vault
  3. Press "vault" again without stopping sprinting
  4. Repeat step 3 until satisfied

Result: First jump will ALWAYS be the "slow vault" animation. The next and consecutive jumps will ALWAYS be the "jump" animation.

Good luck!

PS: The slow vault animation looks great when player is walking with fists down, but when in "attack mode" the transition from "fighting" pose to vault animation and back to fighting pose looks very robotic because it goes to "idle" pose (fists down/straight spine) before starting the actual vault animation. And it is anti-climatic due to the length of the animation, player is in "attack" mode after all, he shouldn't look or be completely helpless for this long. Maybe you guys should consider doing a different animation for when players has its fists up that is slightly faster/more aggressive, that would start with the "fighting" pose instead of "idle" pose. It would look and feel much smoother.

nifrek added a comment.Mar 1 2014, 8:37 PM

I have tested again and it is not random, read again/follow the steps I provided and see for yourself. Every other cases will play correct animation. I can make a video if needed.

There is a bug. Sometimes the step over animation happens instead of the leap when sprinting with fists lowered.

Not fixed after 3 months.


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Unfortunately, the problem regarding jumping is a known issue that has previously been reported.

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