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Clipped through metal railing in factory and fell 1 story to my demise
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I was walking along the metal walkway inside a factory about one story above ground level. When I went to sidestep I clipped through the railing and fell in a diagonal slow motion towards the ground. I was expecting broken legs as it wasn't a great height but instead stood still for about five seconds before dying.


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I can confirm this happened to me on .49 off of balcony in Novo as well with railings. Character clipped through balcony when I went from prone to standing. Fell four stories and died.

andy added a comment.Oct 31 2014, 12:30 PM

Hi Creature,
thank you for your report!
We have not identified any issue with the collisions of the railing itself and the issue seems (the delay before dying is quite indicative) to be latency related - something we cannot do much about.
I am going to close this ticket but rest assured that we are aware of such problems and working on optimizing the game in this regard.
Thanks again,