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The name of the Mosin-Nagant rifle currently shows up as "Mosin 9130"
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The ingame Mosin rifle is named "Mosin 9130", I assume that's just a typo. Screenshot provided in attached file. {F28266}


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I have only seen the rifle once so far, so this may not be a global issue. I picked it up off of a dead survivor, if that is of any help.

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"9130" (often written as 91/30) is a variant of the Mosin-Nagant. The original was produced in 1891, and the Soviets did an updated version in 1930. Hence, 9130.

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Ah, this makes more sense. I know about the Mosin variants, unfortunate coincidence of numbers with this bug. "/" should probably be inserted then, to avoid confusion.

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It should be "91/30", a slash needs to be inserted.

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Small text change is all that's needed.


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this has been deemed intended.
Thank you for your report,