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When going down the bottom stair in one of the apartments I got stuck
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Area: New addition to Chernarus
Specifically: Can't exactly tell, as I have no friends around/on. Although, it is next to a main road, and the buildings entrance is next to a dirt road.(best i can do, sorry)
What happens: This building has a broken stair at the bottom, I tried to jump down to the ground floor. When I did that it pushed me in the left wall (not the ladder chute), I was brought into a room that had no exits, it had one door that could not be opened. Then I fell through the floor under the building, and now, well I am stuck there. I can't respawn, and no one can kill me, as I am under the building. I tried crawling crouching through the walls, but it did nothing. {F28259} {F28260} {F28261} {F28262}


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Jump of the top of the stairs of a broken staired building, should get you stuck. Then when you are in that room, just run around.

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I also had this issue, in one of the 12 storey apartment buildings near Cherno- I fell down the last stairway and got forced through a wall so that I was stuck under the building, I managed to get out through one part of it next to some steps I think though- I took some screenshots while I was in there (00005-00007 above) and another one of the section I was inside after I got out (00008).

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I can't get out.. So, I am just going to wait for death

Duplicate of #0000134 (apartment block staircase wall glitch).

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