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Purification tablets disappearing
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When trying to use purification tablets to purify water, the tablets just disappeared. This happened on both water bottles and canteens.

EDIT: Never been able to get the purification tablets to work. Over several different servers, different item positions(in med bag, in inventory etc) and does not work for water bottles or Canteens.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have full bottle of water and purification tablets in inventory
  2. Drag purification tablets to water bottle
  3. Click use and then they disappear.

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Since everything is done server-side now, you need to give it some time. Same with bleeding, after you bandage you need to wait for a while so the server can register it.

Alternatively: try playing on a low pop server and see if it helps.

I can confirm that I experienced this bug with a low population/low ping server. I also waited 2 minutes to see if they would come back, and they did not.

I experience this as well.
No message suggesting the water has been purified, and all the tablets are gone.
Doesn't matter how many are in your inventory.

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I can confirm. It happened on a 12 pop server with a low ping. It was the 113772 build btw.

This has happened twice in one play session 113772 build. Both with the big canteen and smaller water bottle after refilling from a stream.

I can confirm I've had the same error

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Duplicate of #1679