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LOOT cycles
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A small fix that can be implemented now and easily should be the loot of now once an item is picked up "any item" no other items will re spawn in its place until the server reset completely


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pick up any item wait nothing will respawn

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other issues
-maps cant find any
-items floating
-zoombies tele thru walls floors etc
-hit box for melee items
-canned food cant be opened or consumed
-hydration/starvation acts weird after u eat or drink sitll hungry/thirsty etc..


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If you're talking about the "canned sardines"

You'll need a can-opener to be able to open them. And the starvation/drink system, you'll just need to drink 1/1 bottle of water, instead of just 17%. But you're right, you start getting thirsty way too quick

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its better to make seperate threads for seperate issues ;)

just one thing.. you shouldn't try to aim with the crosshair on meeles, instead try to properly hit the zombie with it (works for me)

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oky thx! guys for the input

i just posted on the loot cycle thing in one. its the only issue so plz vote on that one guys

btw canned foods can be open by like 4 different items i have found so far (can opener, knife, axe, ect)

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They will bring the loot cycle in later, right now the servers won't cope with spawning loot and players afaik. They are aware of this but can't fix it until they have everything in the game, so voting on this won't help much i'm afraid since it is not a bug but a design limitation currently.

I agree with a loot cycle as this would also stop the server hopping issue, they should set a time cycle so items will respawn around the area, not necessarily in exact same spot of the last item and do it so that it will be random items respawning aswell.

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loot respawns now and there is more of it, can close.

Geez added a comment.Mar 23 2015, 4:41 PM

Hello tjhay.
The loot respawn system has been implemented and is still worked upon. Closing this ticket as it is no longer valid.