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Syringe Duplication?
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When filling a syringe with the injection vial it produces a filled syringe while maintaining the original empty syringe. {F28214} {F28215} {F28216} {F28217} {F28218} {F28219}


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happened to me aswell

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Happened to me.

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I have added some screenshots of this happening

Edit: It's also probably a good idea to note that the injection vial does not seem to ever become empty

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Still occuring in 0.30.113925.

Able to replicate without fail.

phineas added a subscriber: phineas.May 8 2016, 2:04 PM

Looks like the following are duplicate bugs:

0006011 4 1 Items none new 2014-01-28 Filling syringes creates infinite syringes.
* this one 0000333 14 6 Items none new 2014-01-28 Syringe Duplication?
0007166 1 4 Items none new 2014-01-28 Dupe filled syringe
0005896 1    Items none new 2014-01-28 Pristine Syringes production/dupe
0005829 1    Items none new 2014-01-28 Using Syringes on Injection Vials does not use up the empty syringe.
0005721 1    Movement none new 2014-01-28 bug
0004265 1    Items none new 2014-01-28 Infinite filled needles, duping bug.
0003752 1    Items none new 2014-01-28 Item Duplication Bug
0002336 1    Items none new 2014-01-28 injections
0002356 4    Items none new 2014-01-28 Using a syringe on an InjectionVile causes the syringe to be not consumed.
0001927 1 1 Items none new 2014-01-28 UNLIMITED filled syringes

Rather than simply delete the filed bugs, you should have a field called "Duplicate Bug:" and that will improve search results and allow people to update/vote on the main bug.

Animosh added a subscriber: Animosh.May 8 2016, 2:04 PM

If you do this quick enough you can create infinate amount of filled syringes by filling 1 syringe quickly. It will fill your inventory with more filled syringes

Still exists in version 0.32.114557

When filling a broken syringe, it dupes a pristine filled one into the inventory.

(see screenshots "syringe_dupe_" 1 through 4)

Note that when filling the broken syringe, it even says "The Syringe is broken" in the bottom left of the screen.

You're seriously able to advertise as a guest!? Fix that DEV team!

  • Also Confirmed about bug.
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Closed the duplicates. Cheers for listing the IDs, phineas

Still active in 0.49. jee.

andy added a comment.Oct 20 2014, 2:45 PM

Hey survivors,
we are aware of the problem and it will be looked into eventually - please, be patient.