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Night time on Australian/Pacific servers
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Hi there - the servers are currently running at the wrong times for us folk down under. They're all current night time servers and it's currently 6.39pm in New Zealand, It'll be daylight for the next few hours.

Help a brother out?


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Log in to the aussie servers

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All servers are currently night time I believe.

All servers seem to be connected to the same hive. The public hive is such a bad idea.

Well why would Aus servers be night time during our day time? Surely they could at least half on the opposite rotation?

The game has just been released, and all servers are under strict regulation at the moment which more than likely means all servers have the same settings at the moment.

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The servers each have their own specific configuration files for connecting to the hive, as well as setting a time offset to get them in sync with the appropriate local time. Most likely, the current issue is that all of the servers had one blanket config used across all of them. This isn't a public hive issue.

So fix the aus ones, thanks?

Magictonay, did you not read the disclosure when you bought this game? Deal with the bugs.

I'm just reporting an issue, are you dense? There's clearly a 'bug' with all servers being on the same cycle and I was hoping the devs could fix it.

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