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You can hear anyone drinking soda on the map
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i met up with a few random guys in cherno and they all kept hearing drinking sounds and thought more people were with us. Turns out whenever you drink a can of soda regardless of where you are on the map everyone can hear it.


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My brother logged into DayZ and was in elektro and i was in Cherno, we both took turns drinking a can of soda and heard the sound as soon as we said we were drinking

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I noticed that with other audio bugs all over the place. Haven't tried to reproduce it yet.

ive noticed this with other sounds too, but definitely with the soda can. always freaks me out thinking someone is near. it sounds close, but not like right beside you.

Running through the forest, I could hear sodas being opened. I thought I was mishearing things, but the more it happened the more I was convinced it was happening.

So much for that network bubble.

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Split second zombie sounds too

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Can confirm. Heard soda can opening noises through out Cherno while no one was near.

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confirming this too, can opening sounds, and other sounds can also be heared out of nowhere. Zombie sounds, sound of the sea.. etc

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