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Itens spawn in air
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In markets or houses some itens are spawning in air, i manage to found a way to passbye the problem that is pressing Tab and then the iten that is in the air appear in the inventory screen so you can pick him.
Some itens are spawning inside the furniture or the ground. {F28195} {F28196} {F28197}


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known issue, see:

post pictures and location of problematic loot spawn position

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Please post images of the specific locations.

LeYuno, please stop bumping up older posts in this manner - there is currently a backlog and they will be handled when they are reached which you are making more difficult by bumping them up but adding no additional information.


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I ve uploaded screenshots that itens ive found in Eletro, but they are everywhere.
The first 2 is inside the eletro market, the last one is inside an apartmante in the second floor

I've seen this before on the wrecked ship.

I was on the top-deck, looked up and there were items suspended 12-15ft in the air.