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Uncomplete display of clothes
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When equipping clothes, it sometimes display it on the ground at the feets of the character, and keep staying here (induce transparent chest/legs...) moving at the characters feet while playing. {F28187} {F28188} {F28189}


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Equipping clothes from a body.

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Could you provide a high res screenshot please and some clearer reproduction steps please?

I've got one. Posted!

My steps:

  1. Walk up to body.
  2. Open inventory.
  3. I believe that I dragged the raincoat from the dead body's inventory slot to my avatar directly.
  4. I continued on for a bit, and the coat just remained at my feet when I ran. After a few minutes, though, the raincoat went from the ground to my body.

This has happened to me from time to time, It seems to do it when swapping items that take the same slot. It seems to happen when there is some server/client lag going on.

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Lag isn't related to this. The problem occurs whilst swapping clothes from a dead body. It loads the ground model rather than the wear model. Fixes itself over time, or take the clothes of and put them on again.

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Got the same bug, pressing vault button fixed this immediately. But I have tried this only once.

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Thanks for the pics,
the bug is fixed by "updating" gear, just put the bugged part off and on and it'll be fixed (still annoying).