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Buildings flash like disco ball
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When looking at all the buildings it flashes like a disco ball and makes me wanna puke. its pretty much un playable {F28184} {F28185}


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Also if staring at the flashing buildings too long freezes game

Now game freezes on start up lowered gfx to very low, working with a XFX 7950 3 gb DDR5

Gbralta added a subscriber: Gbralta.May 8 2016, 2:02 PM

I have this same issue when I spawn. I spawned in daytime and immediately, it all went dark, the buildings began to glow and the game completely frozemy entire computer. I had to restart the computer.

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That is a texture issue. I suggest you guys look in to updating your gfx drivers, as I (nor any of my friends I'm playing with) have had this issue. If you're using current beta drivers, then I'd recommend you roll back to the most recent stable build.

Also, try turning your post-processing down all the way and lowering bloom in your gfx settings in game.

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there are several players reporting this same issue, most of them have ATI 7700 cards. please update catalyst and/or graphics drivers.

radiix added a subscriber: radiix.May 8 2016, 2:02 PM

Make sure you guys update to the latest ATI Catalyst drivers!

I can confirm this issue is driver related. I had the same issue where most textures showed as a bunch of squares of random colors. I am running a 7870, I updated my drivers to be sure it wasn't a game related issue and it worked.

If you experience this issue make sure you update your drivers to the latest version.

doesnt CCC update your drivers automatically?

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