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Unable to Recover/Rest
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Lots of people reporting unending unconsciousness, seems like if you are just playing you get more tired and tired. Then you pass out, cant get up. We need a way to rest, and stop us passing out. I let my character sit for 30mins and it did nothing. Still passed out and lost my M4 and gear.

Seems like the fatigue system is totally broken and needs a lot of work. Much bug. So fix. Wow!


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Play one char for more than 2 hrs.

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Agreed. As much as I love being in the testing phase, restarting every couple of hours regardless of how careful you go about your business kind of makes you lose interest to continue.

I like to restart, in fact the more stuff you get the more boring it is :D
But i agree that this fatigue system in the moment is rather pointless ^^

So, it turns out it isn't actually fatigue. Rather misleading hunger and thirst statuses.

Read up here, haven't tested to see if it is actually true:

TheAkrab is correct. Unconsciousness is due to improper feeding/drinking.

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I feel that the unconsciousness is not the problem. I feel that the fact that you have no idea if your player will wake up. I'm currently sitting with an unconscious character. If that's the intended purpose. Uncertainty. I feel like there should be done kind of indicator or limit to how long you can pass out. If you are still alive you should be able to play your character. Even sporadically in between losing consciousness. I feel that a 5 minute incap was more than reasonable.

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"seems like if you are just playing you get more tired and tired. Then you pass out, cant get up."

I believe this is expected behavior. The character needs to consume food and water in order to prevent passing out. This is not a bug.

Definitely not intentional,this IS a bug. I am having the same issue:

Unconsciousness is trigged by either blood < 500 or shock greater than blood.

There's a few tickets up now that people are saying masks are causing blood loss.

Either its blood loss, or increasing shock from wearing a mask. Either will result in unconsciousness, this could be the underlying reason.

Regardless, sitting down to "rest" is simply a waste of food and water. There is no need to stop moving if you keep yourself fed and watered.

it's in the change log. HP was not regenerating