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Repeated Beeping/Pinging sound freezes game.
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Randomly the game will start to Beep repeatedly and quickly causing it to lock up completely until the beeping stops.

Only appears to happen when I am moving. {F28161} {F28162}


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Game Freezes
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Currently have:
Athletic shoes (grey)

Blue Hoodie

Blue Cargo Pants

  • Flashlight w/ battery
  • Canned tuuna 75%
  • Rag 1

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We appreciate your feedback, however we require additional information about your issue.

Please provide us with video of this issue (you can make it via Fraps, then upload it on some sharing service and put link on it to comment here) so we'll be able to address your issue.

When reporting please refer to "How to guide"

This isn't Windows Sticky keys popping up in the background is it?

Wasn't even pressing anything other than W to move forward. Alt-tabbed after it was unfrozen and there were no other windows open.

When I'm able to again I will try and log on to make a video of it should I have the same issue.

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the Game beeps or your Pc?

Beeps sound a bit like Overheating Hardware.

Are you playing on a Laptop?


Nope PC, everything is water-cooled and running smooth. Every other screen/application is was running perfectly only DayZ was freezing up.

Hi Zen we are going to need some more information for us to fix the problem, as the beeping could be anything, from a beep-code on your Mother board to sound hardware/software issues to being a bug with anything in the game.

Is there anything reproducible about the bug? Do you get it doing the same action, same area?

Hey folks,

can anyone confirm that they are still experiencing this issue?