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Flashlight doesn't work (yes I have turned it on with battery)
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For some reason the flashlight doesn't work on my game. I've tried it many times and it doesnt work. If I view my character from 3rd person you can see that the light is actually turned on, but it just doesn't light up the area.


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Got some food on hand, and could not replace with the flashlight (dragin and dropping on hands box)

Also tryed after ataching battery, and it does not work(turned on on the menu).

zaydene added a subscriber: zaydene.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM
  1. Drag the battery to the flashlight
  2. Press 'attach' to the context menu
  3. Drag flashlight into a) hands | b) Hotbar
  4. Press the corresponding number on the hotbar to bring it up (might have to double tap)
  5. Flashlight should be equipped, press SPACE to raise the flashlight up
  6. Scroll wheel down and press "Turn on"

I can confirm that there is a glitch where the flashlight will become unable to light an area. Yes I had it working. It stopped working after I went down a ladder. After dropping it on the ground it remained in my hand.

I believe this sometimes doesn't work. "Turn on" after attaching the battery doesn't work some of the time for me.

Rossums added a subscriber: Rossums.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

Hi there Chernosaurus,

Can you confirm you've taken all the steps mentioned by Zaydene (And have ensured that both the battery and flashlight are in usable condition).


whilst I have not has this issue with the flashlight it did happen to me with the gas lantern, it was working fine and lit up a huge area then the next time i used it i could see the light inside the lantern but it surrounding area was pitch black, perhaps this is an issue with light emitting objects and the game not registering that a lit object is in world?

Hi. Yes everything was working, battery and light etc, both good condition and the torch was in my hand. I tried it again after I respawned and had restarted the game and it worked fine. I will try again when I next manage to get online and see if it's still working.

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I thought I had this as a technical problem, but raising the weapon (space) solved it. This should be simplified (or at least covered by a tutorial) for the final game. Lets start with the battery in the flashlight and always have the flashlight raised if it is on.

I am currently suffering from this as well. It applies to both the lamp and the default flashlight I spawn with. It previously worked without issue. I have tried all of the steps in this thread.

I had a similar situation:


1: Have flashlight with battery attached in inventory
2: Equip Flashlight in hands. Turn it on. Press Spacebar to have itpointed ahead.
3: Fill your inventory
4: Drop the On flashlight
5: Fill the slot the flashlight was in so that your Inventory is ENTIRELY FULL


Several problems have arose in the times I've reproduced this. First, the flashlight would not produce any light at all. After relogging into a nighttime server, the flashlight DID produce light- but in the wrong positions. When holding the flashlight in front of you, the light would be pointed at the ceiling. Meanwhile, when at at your side, the light would act as if it was held in front of you.

I am having similar problem with ALL light sources. Whether it's a headlamp, gaslamp, flashlight, or weapon light. The light of the object is not showing in the environment, even when the object graphic is showing the item is on and working. I.E. The gas lamp is very easy to see the difference in the object graphic as lit or unlit. I have never been able to actually get a projected light from any objects in the game.

I assumed it was a setting that I had changed but even with default settings it doesn't appear.

mareak added a subscriber: mareak.May 8 2016, 1:58 PM

I can confirm that with the latest patch. A torch light attach to an M4 is not working. Battery already attach but when you hold out the weapon no light can be seen.

Hey guyz,

could you please check if this is still an issue and report back? This would be very helpful, thanks.