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Stuck in the military large building at Green Mt
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I was looting the building (one that has a prison cell) next to the Green Mt Comm tower with my buddy, and while we were in the ground floor hallway, i just glitched through the wall.

At the moment, I am stuck in an invisible room with invisible walls. I tried all possible ways to glitch out via pressing V, rolling around, etc... nothing worked.

"Room" location is in front of the hallway, left from the prison cell, when facing courtyard.

Server where it occured: FR 3-84

My ingame name is HrcAk47. {F28145}


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I am not sure if it's reproducible.

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Could my position be resetted without me losing items? I had an epic experience gathering them, and I just met with my buddy there... My ingame name is HrcAk47.

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same here. got pushed by a buddy through the wall. switching servers doesn´t help.

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There is a way to get out.

  1. Run against the wall (press "W" all the time)
  2. While still keeping "W" pressed disconnect from server.
  3. After reconnecting you will be outside.
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A more recent report of this issue has been acknowledged. Closing as duplicate.