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Blurred vision workaround
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Removing blurred vision caused by low blood


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Step 1. Get low blood, your vision starts to blur
Step 2. Go to the config -> video menu and the blur is gone

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If I get hit once and get the blurred vision it will never go away no matter how much I eat or drink or attempt medical supplies. I see a number comments stating that is how it is supposed to be that the bug is clearing it out with the esc > video settings fix but honestly you get hid in the head once you may blur up for a few seconds but not hours.

I agree there is a bug with the esc menu but the length or infinite blurred vision from one attack is unrealistic.

Yes this is definitely a scenario where at the moment the Esc menu is a helpful glitch.
E.g don't fix one without fixing the other.

I too experience this problem. I will get blurred by being hit by a zombie survive and the blurred vision stays until I go into video settings and it switches back.

is this bound to be resolved with the new renderer maybe?

related to #1280 #359