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Logged out in a stuck underneath it
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Trapped underground in the building I logged out in..can see outside and stuff inside the buildings but can't get out. I logged out on the second floor..logged back in and I'm trapped in the first floor but underneath it. {F28138}


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Log out inside a building.

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Duplicate: Please check for existing bugs before reporting..

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go prone and crawl out, had the same problem. try all sides but i got out fast after crawling.

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This issue was processed by our team and is being looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

I am stuck. LET ME SUICIDE.

I can't play the game anymore!

I and a bunch of friends are having the same issue in the two story building near the control tower/firehouse of the NWAF. Please see the steam photo links:

I can't respawn. I can't get out. I dont know what to do.

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Same thing happened to me. Can't crawl out and can't suicide. I also cannot be damaged.

@SpectreRSG that sucks dude hahaha

Yeah it's a bit hard to test the alpha when the alpha literally just put me in a jail cell...

KOMIN, will we see a fix for this anytime soon? And how will those who can't respawn or take damage handle things? Is it possible for DayZ staff to move us out of the building either through the hive's XYZ coord or logging into a server with an admin present? Are there even admins? Lol.

Edit: I GOT OUT WITH THIS UPDATE. I'm free. Exited through the wall next to the bunk in the jail cell. My friend however is still stuck in a 5x5 little box on the opposite side of the hallway.

My character was deleted and I'm starting out on a beach. Don't know how it happened but I'm thankful.

Got deleted too. I wanted to avoid that. But, you know. Thanks?

Character database was wiped, so everyone will respawn with new character. This will happen from time to time.

Not too bad if you just stay on ground level when you log out. Happen to me when i tried to hide at the top of the stairs in a bar.. I used the bug related to "glitch through walls by jumping at a run" bug to get free....

This seems to be a bigger issue where logging out on an elevated (non-terrain) surface often results in logging back in either one, or several floors below, or sometimes beneath the building, standing on the terrain, and stuck in that space.

Doing this on the crashed ship (Rify) usually results in you loading in a floor lower on each logout/login (tested above the bridge, after 3-4 logins I was on the main deck floor of the ship).

I've also seen several issues where people have logged out and appeared in a sealed room below where they can't open the door.

Once logging out on the very front of the ship at Rify (Titanic-style) I logged in and I was floating in the water below.

I try to always ensure I'm standing on terrain when I log out now.. it's just not safe otherwise.

Some buildings seem solid though.. when I log out in the school I'm always where I was when I log back in.

This happened to me as well in one of the houses that have a single accessible floor, but is on the second floor of the actual house.

DayZ's platform is a hybrid Arma2 and Arma3 platform. This happens in Arma3 quite a bit. You get out of it by lying down and crawling out of the foundation of the building.

I was stuck in the floor of a building in DayZ recently, so I tried what works in other Bohemia titles and I crawled out of the floor no problem.

That does not mean the problem does not need to be fixed. It just means I was able to recover from a glitch easily.

This thread wont stop spamming my email with emails! I've stopped monitoring this, wtf DayZ team.

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You can change your email notification settings from here

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Nini added a comment.Mar 6 2014, 8:33 PM

Same here (issue 0008956) would like to see a fix for this.
Tried all of the hints on the internet (vaulting, laggy server etc) but I have been unable to play this game since early january. Would LOVE to actually get out there and hunt zombies again <3 (or get stuck in another way to help the development :p)

R834 added a comment.Jun 26 2014, 5:48 PM

Walk over to a wall leading outside, stand right against it and vault. Exit the server during the animation and log back in, and you should be on the other side.

If that doesn't work, just leave your game on. You'll die of starvation / dehydration after a while.

I have changed those to never send an email, period, but yet I still get emails.

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i have been stuck here how i got out click or spam v (the hop over button) to get out of there

I had this pain before. My PC isn't so good so it lags sometime. And thanks to that i did glitch out of building. Note that i died due lag million times.

Nini added a comment.Mar 22 2014, 4:52 PM

As I said in my note, I tried the vaulting. I have tried in on different servers and it never works.
For 5 glorious seconds today I was out of the room, got disconnected from the server and upon re entering, I was back in the cozy room again.

I have left my game on for hours with my character running, complains of being hungry and thirsty, but she never dies.

It´s been almost 3 months, seen tons of updates but this hasn´t been fixed. Would love to see a solution for this.

R834 added a comment.Mar 22 2014, 5:25 PM

So your character is on red hunger / thirst but doesn't ever lose any blood?

Nini added a comment.Mar 22 2014, 9:40 PM

Thirst is green (hydrated), hunger orange (hungry). Never changes. I do get the messages I am starving. But this always stays the same.
Character is not losing any blood.

Spawned inside of shipwreck same issue

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding this issue. The devs have been notified of the problem and are working on a fix.