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Mouse cursor does not move when mouse is moved.
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The mouse cursor does not move when mouse is moved. It is drawn on screen and will update its position once each time a mouse button is pressed or released. The actual mouse position is correct as menu items highlights as expected when moving the mouse around, the game just doesn't update where the cursor graphics should be drawn.

The issue exists in all cases a cursor is shown (main menu, inventory, etc.).


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set a high Windows desktop resolution (I use 2560x1600).
  2. Change "the size of all items" in "Control Panel > Display" to "Larger" and apply (for me this is the highest out of four possible values).
  3. Logout of your Windows account and log back in (or restart the computer).
  4. Start the game.

The cursor will now behave as described in this issue.

Additional Information

A temporary workaround for users experiencing this issue (confirmed by others in the notes below):

  1. Set "the size of all items" in "Control Panel > Display" to "Smaller" (lowest value)
  2. Do a Windows logout/login (or restart the computer).
  3. Start the game.

Alternate workaround:
Run the game in window mode.

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You've made the text larger in your window's tools. What you should do is to lower it from Large to Medium. That'll fix it.

I have this same problem and i cannot interact with anything in game, changing the text size and resolution did nothing to help
The mouse will move but i cannot see it moving until i have clicked, and i cannot interact with things ingame no matter what i change the 'selected interaction' key to be.

Aeldeth added a subscriber: Aeldeth.May 8 2016, 1:55 PM

Same problem; only 'fix' I have found is changing to windowed mode

  • If you can manage to get to the resolution selection, scroll right to the bottom = windowed mode.

Alternatively, alt+enter for windowed

Thanks buddy manged to get a good hour played, this also fixed my interaction problems.

Sjksjk added a subscriber: Sjksjk.May 8 2016, 1:55 PM

Thanks deepstyle! That fixed it

Deepstyle's recommendation worked for me too.

Added steps to reproduce.
Added temporary workaround.

Issue still exists in version 0.30.113860

rofl added a comment.Feb 10 2014, 8:40 PM

I can confirm this for Windows 7 64bit.
Screen resolutions doesn't need to be a specific value. Only the multiplier (125%, 150%) is needed.
Still exists in 0.34.115106.

Multiple reports: #0008116, #0008244, #0002699.

Added alternate workaround (window mode).

Zenexer added a subscriber: Zenexer.May 8 2016, 1:55 PM

Issue still exists in 0.46.

Workaround 1: Play in windowed mode.
Workaround 2: Constantly right-click or middle-click as you move the mouse.

Decreasing the screen DPI setting is not an option for me. I'm using a 28" 4K display: if I don't have it set to at least 150% (144 DPI/PPI), I can't read anything.

tajobe added a subscriber: tajobe.May 8 2016, 1:55 PM

Issue still in current experimental, version 0.48.124737

Windows 8 x64, 28" 4k monitor

I won't be decreasing DPI and having to relog or reboot each time I want to play the game and Windowed mode is absolutely tiny by default(800x600). For anyone with a similar issue with the Windowed mode workaround, you can edit the window size in ~Documents/DayZ/DayZ.cfg


Alternatively, adding "-window" to launch options in steam creates a re-sizable Window.

Possible workaround.

Using a custom scaling multiplier (149%, 126% etc.) forces windows to scale properly without using set shortcuts, means games such as DayZ work in fullscreen properly.

I experienced this happening after I switched my Sony LED TV from it's native 1360x768 to 1920x1080. Switching back would not fix it however.

Is there another fix besides adjusting my windows tools? I prefer having the high resolution but lettering is blurry or too small if I don't have everything in windows enlarged.

On a 15" 2880x1620 display (ThinkPad W540), I get my cursor back when setting DPI to either 100% or 125%. But text is unreadable now.

This applies to:
Take on Helicopters
ArmA 2 series