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Pushed through walls by zeds
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On a couple of occasions i have been pushed through a wall by zombies,
twice in the barracks and once in another building that i don't recall. {F28110}


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Best chance to reproduce in in the barracks, aggro a few zeds and have them follow you in, go down to the end of the hall way against the wall, as they attack and push against you theres a chance you will glitch straight through the wall.

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it can also happen through almost any wall or door as well, other players can cause this issue as well by pushing/walking into your body at the wall/corner/door causing you to glitch through a wall/door.

It isn't always able to be reproduced but so far i can reproduce it at about a 50% success rate with other players and probably a much higher rate with zombies (95%).

I got this issue too, when i pressed my back against a wall in a chruch. First i was glitching through the wall and then i couldn't get out of this anymore ^^.

Happend to me the first 10 min in the game..

Just had this happen to me, I am now stuck inside a school room.

How do i get out of a locked room when a zombie pushed me in? Been stuck for 1h +..

Can confirm this. Happens once in a while.

Had this happen to me 2 days ago. Upstairs of largest building at Zelenogorsk barracks. Standing between bed and lockers, another player approached me and the collision pushed me through the wall.

No way out as far as I could tell. Tried moving against every wall in the "invisible" room that I was trapped in; jumping, crawling, nothing worked.

Tried leaving and rejoining server to no success. Tried other servers. Other player noted he could see me sticking out of the wall when I went prone and tried to crawl but if I crawled too far I'd get pushed back.

Haven't yet been back to see if repeatable.

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works not only with zombies, i accidently pushed my squadmate through a solid wall just by moving to close.

Had this happen. Then the zombie walked through the wall after me. I was a bit surprised.

yeah my case i just ran into the military building with a cell, not sure if it was to to conection or not, but now im stuck in it, reported too, didnt see this one..

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got pushed to a locked room in some village early on today

I got pushed through a wall at the NW military base in the farther left building. Zombie followed me in and did the jumping attack which pushed me into the graphics of the building. I had a lot too, is there anyway out? I can't even play either unless I let myself starve.

This happened to me.. A zombie chased me into a garage and pushed me through the wall now I'm stuck inbetween the rooms.

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Buddy was a bit laggy and was able to run/vault through walls without problems and pushing other player through was also possible.


This happened to me in the Log cabin. The usual one that was accessible in the mod.
As you first enter there is a locked door in front of you. Usually you would turn left into the single room. But in this case i had a zed follow me in and push me into the back invisible room. I was stuck for ages until eventually a Zed glitched in with me and I was able to get him to attack me. That took ages as well but finally bled out.

I can say that to get out if you're truly stuck you can sprint at the wall and vault usually in a corner and you will go through the wall i just reported it as an issue but it might help you get out of there for anyone who is stuck

A good way to get out of this when it pushes you through a locked room is to rename your character account on steam, it seems to reset everything on Day Z and thus you must re-organize your key assignments and video adjustments but it worked for me.

For those of you who are stuck: try to run and press V near the wall and you might jump through. Another option is to go prone and press Q or E to roll out. The third option is to stand at the wall and press V then immediately exit the game... exiting while doing that movement will cause you to lag out of the wall. I've used all 3 methods successfully when stuck.

I had this too and managed to get a zombie to push me back through.

People can also push you through walls.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for sending in your feedback regarding this problem. The devs are aware of the issue and will be working on fixing it.

Please feel free to monitor this issue for further updates.



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Just one addition, the zombie might still kill you in the room you were originally in and there is no way to fight back.

+1 on jokke. They will just keep hitting the spot you were in, and mostly result in death or severe injury.