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Loot spawning under the floor at castles
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loot spawns under the floor at Black mountain castle. {F28074} {F28075} {F28076} {F28077} {F28078} {F28079} {F28080} {F28081} {F28082}


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Looking up from the bottom floor loot can be seen just below the floor above.

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I noticed this at Rog Castle

noticed the same thing at the new castle between stary and devils castle

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Also noticed at rog.

I also noticed this at Zub.

Confirmed at Rog, I didn't think there was any loot at all until my character ended up in the floor somehow and there was some loot under there, I couldn't move to loot it but it was there.

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i also noticed this, i was at zub castle at the time. seems to be all castles

Same at devils castle. Might be the whole model for the tower at the castle has moved up the Y axis by accident (as the step to get into the tower is a bit too high as well).

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Also goes for item placement. Lost an ammo box that way.

I was at devils castle top floor and 2 pieces of clothing spawned under the floor( 2013-12-30_00001.jpg is a screenshot of this by me) and i was able to go prone and reach out and get the one next to the stairs but in doing so fell to my death. This is my main reason why i want this fixed, a lot of people are going to fall to thee death.

I believe the reason this is happening is that the floors in the castles are upside down, which means that the surface the loot is spawning on is on the bottom. At castle zub you can see at the entrance that the small steps leading into the tower are inverted.

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unimatrx I don't think that's the problem, the whole structure feels too elevated. It's hard to climb into the tower and you often clip through the floor when you try to do so. I recall the entrance floor being around ground level before. That and the fact that the loot is proportionally below tower floor level feels like they just need to move the structures down the Y axis like Bulldozer said.

I think the rest of the castle structures need this as well as I found buried loot inside the Black Mountain castle gates (there's usually a room inside the wall gates). When I tried it in Zub the ground was above the floor making it feel collapsed. I bet there was loot hidden in there as well.

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This issue is of the same cause as this : #8809 . Please keep monitoring the issue for further updates.

Thank You.