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Line of Sight (Zeds)
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Zeds line of sight seems to ignore all objects. When looking for targets to attack


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Make sure zed is facing a location you know has an object (Wall, Building).
Approach object from the opposite side. (From 1st person you cant see zed)

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We could not reproduce this bug.

Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build.
If so, please add video or another details (reproduction steps, position, type of object). Thank you.

When reporting please refer to "How to guide"

Yeah I have noticed this but unfortunately it doesn't happen every time, I have come around a corner many times to see a Zombie about 50-70 meters away facing the other direction, I stop instantly to check they haven't seen me and crouch backwards to circle around the other way behind the building but before I've even reached half way around the building the zombie has agro'd me seemingly through the building.. happens about 6-7 out every ten so a fair bit.

I had this happen in Stary Sobor, near a wooden wall, the zombie ran over the road even though I was stood up behind a the wall.

Dunno if this helps.

Zombie can also hear you and smell you. So it can happen that it will aggro on you across buildings or other objects.

AHH I see, well that does explain it then.. so a zombie can smell you from 50M away? If that's true that gives this game a whole new level.. So when will antiperspirant become a loot item?

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Don't think antiperspirant will help (lol) considering the zombies will follow you into the water (how far I'm not sure but I am curious to find out) the only good thing is that they will walk under water, which to me is apt taking into accout that swimming is a learned skill that requires conscience effort

Few times I've seen zombie that ran to my char's position from very long distance, while I wasn't in his line of sight.

I can confirm this, sometimes the zombies aggro on me even if I'm far away (walking; crouching) or behind a wall/in a building (idle; inventory screen). If a zombie then manage to get at me inside the building, it can happen that the zombie pushes me through a wall and noclip me outside of that building (see #0000049).

Please add relationship to issue #0001808.

I can confirm this also. This occurred last night for me in Kozlovka and Balota (barracks specifically). There were repeated instances of zombies aggroing from what seemed like far distances while I was completely out of line of sight and what should be a good distance where smell should not come into play. The zombie would then clip straight through the building to attack.

The buildings I was in when this occurred were a red enterable house and the barracks. However, it has happened in others.

Do you mean this kind of thing?

I was intending on killing the zeds you see first which is why I came in through the front of the shop but I didn't see a zed by the front doors and one certainly didn't see me.

I have actually seen zombies agro someone through a building and then for the bonus!!! the Zed ran through the building. I will confirm this bug

Don't know if these help. In both I guess you could say there is a line of "sight" but there's something clearly wrong with the AI in both.

I have been able to sneak up behind a zombie and not get noticed until I am almost on top of it. However I just spawned inside a house and a zombie comes crashing though the wall as soon as I went down stairs.

I then went to polina factory and ran up to the south wall with a zombie facing my direction, got spotted. Walked around the the east wall where I spotted another zombie (facing east-ish) with the wall and a shack between us, and was not spotted. Ran around like an idiot and never got noticed

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If zombies can smell you, why not implement wind direction, so we can sneak up upwind

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Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Development build. Thank you.

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It´s still the same. Had the same issues like ind the Vids of 3rdParty, but with much more range to the zombies like 100-200m.

Edit: Retry with 0.30.114008 and it seems that I don´t attract zombies over large distances anymore, but if I attack a zombie with an axe, his zombiefriends will come and help him over long ranges(more then 100m) and through houses and walls.(They are not in line of sight to the zombie I attack)

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During the daylight Zeds can see you from behind objects, from very far away. Even if you go prone.

During night time, they seem to ignore you, even when you sprint 2 meters from them.

Sometimes they also ignore you during daytime...

both, killed a lot of zombies with 1 hit without beeing detected(hard to tell if true, cause of server lags) but also I´ve been detected by them and killed them afterwards. In both situations I mostly pull a lot of attention from the zombies on me.

As an example: I sneaked up behind a zombie in elektrozavodsk(at night) and killed him from behind with 1 hit of the firemans axe(no other zombies close in sight), the zombie didn´t do anything but dying, he didn´t move on my screen nor did he make any noise I could hear with my headset. After i killed him I got my M4 out and layed down again. 15 seconds later a zombie is coming through the wall of a building and attacks me. Well, I didn´t play the mod very often, but I never got attacked as unpredictable as it happens atm in the standalone.

I also noticed that some zombies are invincible(my girlfriend and me had this issue a lot(don´t know if you already fixed that)). We tried shooting zombies over long ranges(>200m), direct hits did not kill them unless the zombies sighted us and started running towards us. (Maybe they are not where the server shows them sometimes)

I hope this helps you

komin added a comment.Jan 9 2014, 9:35 AM

to deewd22:
Did you kill it on first hit when it didnt know about you or fight with it for some time? Because when they spot you, they start to scream and lure others to your position.

Ditto. Smell I imagine cannot be better then a dog's smell. They notice me over 200m standig, crouched or prone.


there will be some issues still happening with zombie AI from time to time as they are not fully implemented and a lot of changes are still pending.

I will close this for now as the situation will improve with time.

Thank you for your feedback however!