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New Font since 1.56 hardly legible with Interface Size "Very Small"
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As the summary states, the new font is hardly legible with interface size "very small".
It seems like the outline of the letters leads to every letter fusing with the next, making it very hard to read (without major headaches). They seem to be more bold than before, which reduces legibility.
Either the outlining should be reduced depending on the interface size (or at least much more) or even a complete option to use different (ie. the old one) fonts.


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Here you can see some screens that should show the problem.
The screen is 1920:1080, the interface size is set to "very small", sampling is set to 100%. Other settings can be provided if needed.

Look especially at the addAction-menu on the right side:

Look at the missions list:

Look at the slot list:

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Have the same results on 1280x1024 with font size "Normal". New fonts are bad when it comes to small sizes.