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Game crashes after previewing 3d editor multiplayer mission
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I'm getting fairly consistent crashes after previewing a 3d editor multiplayer mission and then returning to the editor. The editor loads, but 10-20 seconds after loading or upon interacting with an object, the game crashes with a memory violation. I'd estimate this happens about 75% of the time.

When it doesn't happen quickly, the editor seems to be stable and works fine. I've also never seen this issue upon loading up the editor for the first time; it only happens when I preview then return to the editor.

Some bidmps are attached. This is on the RC branch. {F28010}


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Hello, please attach all of your crashdump files (rpt + mdmp + bidmp) to your ticket.

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Done. Note that these aren't the same logs as the initial file; I've been editing (and crashing) since then.

I think this may have been some weird issue with CBA. I didn't have it loaded in the launcher, but I was getting CBA-related messages in-game and doing a steam cache check seems to have solved the crashing issues.

This can probably be closed, I'll put in another issue if the crashing reoccurs.