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Random kick to side select...
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We're getting random cases where clients are being kicked to side select screen. There's nothing reported in the Client RPT Logs but the only thing apparent in the server RPT logs is;

18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 9
18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 10
18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 10
18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 10
18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 10
18:02:25 Unexpected IsPlayerOnChannel 10 {F28002} {F28003}


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Cannot reproduce... happens completely out of the blue, in numerous scenarios (firefights, walking, running, driving etc...)

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Currently using perf v16 for 1.54 Arma client myself, another guy with same issue is using basic client from steam.

Server is also using perf v16 1.54.

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Something that is concerning is usually when a player disconnects, it displays "player has disconnected" in systemChat.
Through this problem, it is not logging a player disconnect in systemChat either...

I have no scripts that I know of that would remove someone to the side select screen (or abort them, which is essentially what's happening...).

Added two different client RPT files and the server RPT files.
There's approximately 12 different people experiencing the same issues here now...

I have the following set in Config_server.cfg;
disconnectTimeout = 30;

I noticed on Dwarden's post in the server perf binaries that this is a new command. Would it be this that could be causing the disconnect to side-select without stating the player has disconnected?

One way to be sure is to remove it from config and see if you still experience the same. Please report back if you find out more.

The issue randomly fixed itself... After booting 15 people back to side select screen every 5-10 minutes, after the server was online for 90 minutes it just stopped kicking everyone and we changed nothing.

This leads me to believe it's potentially a networking issue or a performance issue. It still could have something to do with the new config parameter... Should the config parameter show a "disconnected" message when if removes an inactive client?

For the record, we're now using v17 perf files and timeoutDisconnect is set to 120.

Still getting the issue.
Will remove the timeoutDisconnect option on the next reboot.

timeoutDisconnect has been removed and the issue is still persisting...
Various clients are connected through various performance development executables - basic/v16/v17/v19

Server is running on v17, will be upgrading to v19 tonight.

New log attached.
Client using v19
Server using v19

Towards the end, the client receives 3 disconnects in about 15 minutes.
Server has been up for about 3 hours at this point...

This is potentially caused by texture files (not entirely sure how or why).
We stumbled across something about corrupt texture files and how they're causing the server to crash, and we'd just updated a texture before the issue started occurring to everyone (note, the issue was apparent before the update of textures).
I've since removed the texture and excluded it from the scripts and we haven't had anyone kicked to side select yet.