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Hello, i have a suggest that i think many can benefit from. With the view distance settings, you have overall, and object. Due to the demanding processing power that the game requires (and yes i do have a pretty decent machine), i wanted to propose a change.

To run the game as smooth as possible, I think I'm not alone when people limit their view distance settings to about 1km or less (for objects). This works OK, however i think the problem is when you have Heli's in the skies. Heli's are also mapped to Objects (as one would expect), however i wanted to ask if it would be possible to make it part of the overall view details. This way we can still limit the object distances for performance reasons, but use the overall settings to see further into the skyline where Heli's may be coming in from. This would help the performance of the game, and i think its not unreasonable to ask. Now whether its possible or not, i'm not sure. That's why i wanted to share my feedback. Thanks for listening!


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