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Grouping a unit to another unit/side and then ungrouping results in unit keeping the new side
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Sometimes it's useful to group a soldier to a Civilian and the soldier takes becomes part of that side.

However if you ungroup the unit in the editor the unit does not revert to the original side but keeps the new one.


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Place an East or West unit on the map and group to a Civilian and you will see The Dot change from Red or Blue To Purple, that's ok.
Now Ungroup the two units and the soldier remains Civilian with purple dot.
He also shows up in unit editor as side Civ.

This isn't the case when using the older 2D editor units revert back to original side.

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I don't really think this is an issue.

What if you want to keep the civilian or Opfor state of a Blufor (or any other combination) unit and you don't want the unit to be a member of a group?

If you really want to change the civilian Blufor unit back to a normal Blufor unit, you only have to group it with another normal Blufor unit.

From my point of view an easy way with just a few clicks.

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Usually you keep it grouped to Civ with the Civ set to zero probability.

I agree it's not a massive issue but the problem is that purple and read are very close colour wise and if you group by accident then ungroup you may not notice the issue if there are several units in a cluster.

That's what happened last night an hour after I'd accidentally done it I'm trying to work out why West aren't attacking East.

Koala added a comment.Feb 8 2016, 5:47 PM

Then maybe the colors of the sides should be the real problem.

The differents sides should be a bit more obvious.

The probability of presence is an old trick to fast change sides (FIA Insurgent look alikes -> Opfor Insurgent look alikes)

I personally really like it how it is now.