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[DEV] ZSC 32 + 2 Control Edessa - Invisible AI
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In the MP mission "ZSC 32 + 2 Control Edessa", at some point of the game some units created by a Zeus will not be registered by the server, so that even if the Zeus who created them can see and control them, others will not see anything. Those units will respond normaly, they will engage any enemies (but won't deal any damage to them), etc. They will be unable to seize a sector, and will never be seen by enemies. This is rather game-breaking as one Zeus will have spent his resources for those useless units.
However, I am not able to tell why this happens. It seems to be that this happens when the OPFOR Zeus creates units at Charlie.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - 2 players - Control Edessa - Both as Zeus
2 - Start playing - everything is fine
3 - After 10 minutes or so, create units at Charlie
4 - Look for a fight with other AI.

Additional Information

Always happened on a server hosted by one the players, never had the chance to play ZSC on any official server.

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