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[DEV] AH-9 Minigun sound is too long
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The new sound for the AH-9 Pawnee's miniguns is too long. What I mean by that is, when you fire with the minigun for a second or two, the sound continues for another 2-3 seconds. Sound and action aren't synchronised properly.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Create a Pawnee
2 - Preview
3 - Fire with its miniguns

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Same goes for the Hellcat actually.


thank you for your feedback.

Are still experiencing this issue in the latest Steam Dev or RC build?

Any feedback on whether this issue was resolved will be appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi Razazel,

the long sounds with the minigun are gone.

But new issues appeared:

-If you start to fire the minigun, the *brrrrrrrt* has an obvious delay. You can already see the tracers but hear no sound from the beginning.

-if you only fire short burst you will not hear the *brrrrrrrt* but you will only hear the *rrrrt* at the end, if you understand what I mean. That's maybe because the *brrrrrrrt* is obviously delayed.