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No Message Received Error No Matter What Server I go onto
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No Message Received Error No Matter What Server I go onto. I've Checked my Network Setting I know they are correct as well as everything else. But I'm noticing New RPT files since last update, Please Look into these files and suggest what I should do as there seems to be too many issues according to the RPT logs and yet I've removed all Mission builds and etc from my system including Mods, still standard Arma 3 files seem to have errors according to the RPT file, and I've verified and even reinstalled arma 3, So I'm not sure why I keep getting RPT Logs and the No Message Received Error after a short while being on any server. thanks {F27967}


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we are sorry for the trouble you are having with the game.

Could you please verify your game files via Steam? [^]
After then, please try to run your Arma as an admin.

Please also make sure you are running latest version of the BattlEye and try and check whether this issue is present for other servers as well.

Thank you

W.T.F. Did You Even Read this Ticket? Did You Even Look At The RPT Log Files? Stop Wasting My Time. I'm Sure Not Wasting Your's as I'm A Tech and Build System, Do Tech Supports as Well as Run Arma 2 and Arma 3 Servers. NOW You Guys Still Have Not Fixed The Memory Crashes That I Posted In Another Ticket, But I Will Not Be Treated Like some Retard with Bullshit Canned Responses that my 12 year old son know is basic info.


had this started happening after an update? Are you experiencing this issue all the time or only during some daytime periods?

The "No Message Received..." error indicates that connection to the servers is interrupted or not stable.
Other users who have encountered this error reported they were able to fix the issue with the list of fixes ranging from switching a router for a new one, opening ports for the game and ending with issue fixing itself as it was caused only by the ISP issues.

I have added some tickets as related to the Relationships, perhaps you will find something useful there.

Please let us know should you come across a solution for this issue.

Thank you

This Issue has only started since last update the Apex Update. At the same time, I've tried everything to stop getting RPT logs, I'm still getting them even if I close the game. There are issues and Should not be. I know the Team has their hand full with the Eden update, But I need to know why I'm still getting issues. I've removed every mode every game I've created in the editor as well. Still I can not figure out why I'm getting these issues. at the same Time I do not understand why My Sniping Shots are Being Traced, I'm Not a Cheater there is no reason for this. I'm really good at Sniping. It is the main reason I play Arma. I keep my Sniping shots under 1,600 Meters and I can go well over 2K with lynx or M-320. Still No Reason For the RPT files Please Investigate this issue. Now as Far as No Message Received Error, I've not Gotten one of these since I removed all mods and Game Created files from my system. The Failed to Write to Memory Issue I've only seen this now when I switch Servers with out restarting Arma 3 all together.

Also I've Noticed this today, that My Logitech 3D Pro Flight Stick the Throttle slider Keeps Jumping up and down, on the Collective up and down, while in a Helicopter. This never did this before the Apex Update.