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"Guard" Waypoint and "Guarded by" Trigger do not interact in 3D Editor
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Version: 1.56 RC

Groups with a "Guard" waypoint will not move to "Guarded by" triggers of the same side when placed in the 3D editor. AI groups will move to their guard waypoint and no further. Note that it doesn't matter how close the waypoint is to the trigger, nor if it is within the radius of the trigger.

Furthermore, guard units will not move to engage enemy elements known to their side. They will only engage units that the group's leader knows about.

This only effects the 3D editor. "Guard" behaves properly in the 2D Editor.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a "Guarded by" trigger of any side.
  2. Place a group of the same side.
  3. Place a "Guard" waypoint for the group.
  4. Place an observer unit and run the scenario. Guard group will not move to the guard location set by the trigger.

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Just noticed this, it was quite frustrating until I figured out it was actually bugged.
Can confirm it's on the devbranch as of 12/6/16.

2D missions that work correctly using the Guarded By trigger and Guard waypoint combo will stop working once you import into the 3D editor.

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The problem seems to be specifically with the "Guarded by..." trigger not creating a point to guard. I had the same problem and I fixed it with manually creating the guarded points using the "createGuardedPoint" command.

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Hi guys, so this issue should be fixed in the next development branch update (and of course later in main/stable branch), if you can, please try to test it out and let me know whether it is fixed.

Looks like this bug has been fixed in 1.64. Units guard locations and move to locations that have been cleared/abandoned.


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