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Unnecessary faces in Control Tower building
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There are unnecessary faces used the Air Control Tower in Arma 3.

This is a very low-priority issue. {F27963}


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Pictures and Splendid Camera Coordinates in Stratis:

Unnecessary Faces 1:
Splendid Camera - ["Stratis",[1906.45,5710.52,16.0952],328.697,0.7,[49.7143,0],0,0,720.059,0.3,0]
Picture -

Unnecessary Faces 2:
Splendid Camera - ["Stratis",[1904.72,5712.46,15.8903],94.4729,1,[33.4286,0],0,0,720.059,0.3,0]
Picture -

Unnecessary Faces 3:
Splendid Camera - ["Stratis",[1906.33,5717.46,15.6684],326.522,1,[62.8572,0],10,0,720.059,0.3,0]
Picture -

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No mods installed.

I really meant to say 'faces' or in other words, 'polygons', that part of a 3D model.

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Koala added a comment.Feb 4 2016, 4:45 PM

I don't really think these fences are unnecessary.

At least for maintenance and worker protection it is necessary.

Sorry, I wasn't that explicit. I really meant to say 'faces' or in other words, I meant 'Polygons' of a 3D model.

I was trying to say that under the poles, there are unneeded 'polygons' or 'faces'. That is why I took the images from the bottom, trying to point out the bottom of the poles.

Koala added a comment.Feb 5 2016, 9:06 AM

Hello, sorry I thought you meant "fences" in general.

Now it makes sense.

It's understandable of the mistake. I would have done the same, thinking that the reporter got the spelling wrong.

Anyways, thanks for actually fixing the misunderstandings.

Also, the reasons why I added this trivial issue, is because it can help improve performance by a tiny and minor amount. It doesn't really matter if this issue actually gets fixed or not.