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Unlimited Ammo
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Hello! I Was thinking about EDEN editor - in Special states we can set Unlimited health, unlimited stamina, why not Enable/Unlimited ammo checkbox ? It will completely disable ammo countdown simulation for the specified character/vehicle.

I know you can just script it in but:

  1. Script does not work for one-round magazines (still countdowns)
  2. We can already script in unlimited health, stamina so why not ammo?

I always like to give AI unlimited ammo because then they can work all day without any worries about running out of ammo.. You know AI is completely useless and can just lay down dead when he's out of ammo..

If you are not going to add the checkbox then please tell me how do I set unlimited ammo for one-shell weapons like RPG's?


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open EDEN
  2. Create character/vehicle
  3. Click Special States
  4. Watch how "Enable Ammo:" checkbox is missed here
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