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hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] is not working for Weapons
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When assigning a hiddenSelection for Weapons and changing their RVMats with hiddenSelectionsMaterials[], either the game does not load the RVMat itself or does not load the maps connected with. This means that none of the connected maps is beeing loaded, resulting in very bland looking weapons.

See pictures:
This is how it should look. Notice the numbers stamped into the reciever cover.
This is how it looks ingame.


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Steps To Reproduce

Setup a weapon with hiddenSelections.
Assign a different material to it via hiddenSelectionsMaterials.

Check how it looks ingame.

Additional Information

The picture above is made in buldozer, by assigning the _co and RVmat directly to the model to show the differences.

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Hi there,

Same problem here, except it is intermittent. Occurs for weapons, uniforms, gear, you name it. I've tried using various workarounds (that work 70% of the time roughly) and opened/commented on a couple of forum topics regarding this issue:

As said above, if the .rvmat is assigned to the object in Object Builder, then the .rvmat loads correctly. It does however seem a little bit overkill to create multiple .p3ds for the same object just to get the .rvmat to work everytime.

Hoping that this can be resolved... or even just looked at.

Hector added a subscriber: Hector.Sep 3 2017, 1:54 AM

Problem is still present in 1.74 version of Arma 3.
It's a big problem for modders that want to change materials of Vanilla weapons.

As stated by RabidSquirell, the problem is intermittent, each time I start the game my retextured weapons may or may not have the materials applied.
Tested on the five MX's variants.