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REGRESSION: Input Device Reporting Lost while using Game Menus or Chat Console
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Joystick (or other input) device reporting is lost while opening the Game Menus or using the chat text console.

This is a bug regression from a previous bug I cannot currently find, and was likely solved just months ago after having the bug present for previous years.

This bug occurred during yesterdays 2.5MB update pushed over Steam.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Using a helicopter or jet, get airborne.
  2. Open the a text console (ie. '/') or open the game menu using "ESC".
  3. Notice the helicopter or jet immediately loose thrust and altitude.
  4. This occurs because the game has suspended or is no longer accepting or recognizing joystick input reporting!
Additional Information

A bug was filed and stayed open for years concerning this severe problem, and the bug was likely marked as resolved by the last major update a couple of months ago. A lot of people likely enjoyed having said bug solved after many years of the bug existence. Now once again, the loss of device input during usage of game menus or text console, is back again. (What a nightmare!) For some reason, I can no longer find this bug within the database.

Also for some reason, flight dynamics seems to be screwy or abnormally lagging. Before this 2.5MB update, I was able to fly quite well. Now, either the dynamics have change for the worse or are unrealistic; or there's some networking problems introducing difficulty rasterizing more frame rate intense scenarios, such as flying. Something seems amiss here, alongside the loss of input device reporting.

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